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St. Lucia

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Service Terms and Conditions

Should there be rough seas and last minute cancellations by the boat operator, a full refund will be paid to the client if the client does not wish to re-schedule a time slot or date.

If you have made a booking, no last minute cancellations will be accepted whatsoever. No people with osteoporosis, bad neck or back injuries, pregnant ladies or toddlers will be accepted.

Adults are to take care and responsibility if they bring their children on this trip. The boat operator does not take responsibility for children whatsoever.

Precaution for sea sickness must be taken. If you carry any electronic equipment with you example ipad, cellphones, cameras etc, you will do so at your own risk and the boat operator / owners shall not take responsibility for this.

Please ensure that you are at the whale office 30 minutes prior to your whale watching experience as we need to prepare and brief you for the trip. No last minute arrivals will be welcomed as this delays the trip for the rest of the passengers and no refund will be paid out for last minute arrivals.

This service does not operate on Christmas Day and New Year.



This agreement cannot be cancelled except by mutual agreement between Advantage Tours and the client/guest/lodge. Advantage Tours shall be at liberty in its discretion to charge a cancellation fee or any percentage thereof at:

1. 5% of the tariff – on all cancellations as an administration fee;
2. 10% of the tariff – within two weeks prior to the departure/tour date;
3. 20% of the tariff – within one week prior to the departure/tour date;
4. 100% of the tariff - within 24 hours prior to the departure/tour date.

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