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ST LUCIA - Whale & Dolphin Watching Boat Trip

St. Lucia

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  • NO KIDS UNDER 12YRS * URGENT NOTICE ::: (( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.L.E.A.S.E POLITELY ALWAYS SEND US A FOLLOW UP EMAIL – info@advantagetours.co.za – AND GIVE US YOUR PLACE OF ACCOMMODATION / name of lodge.guesthouse AND YOUR MOBILE NR – and it is VERY IMPORTANT that YOU make contact with US 2 (TWO) FULL days before your cruise – as IF the weather changes , we DO need to discuss this with you – ALSO PLEASE be at the departure point for your cruise a full 30 minutes PRIOR to the time on your ticket – this is also very important -

St Lucia is a high energy surf launch – INDIAN OCEAN – we do have oncoming waves rolling at us – and our boat has to ’’jump’’ through these waves – so for this reason we DO NOT take kids UNDER 12years – it is not about ‘’can you swim or can’t you swim’’ , in St Lucia the kids have to be a bit older so that they can hold on for themselves, so that their parents don’t need to hold onto the kids – as each person much hold on for themselves – this is why we also have an operation in Richardsbay – with a lovely 35-seater vessel – that is moored to a jetty, easy access, departing through the Richardsbay harbor Mouth, and much more ‘kid’ and older people friendly – so if you know your kids are not yet 12yrs old, please then choose the RichardsBay option online, if you SLEEP in St Lucia Town, WE provide a bus which takes you TO Richardsbay, no additional costs, and WE bring you back safely. always BRING a set of dry clothes, and IF you did then choose the RichardsBay option, we will need 5hours of your time ( traveling 80km’s to RBAY – toilet stop – departing harbor and out at sea 2.5hours – toilet stop – and again 80km’s back to St Lucia Town )
-for this service is available beginning of June to beginning of December. In the safe hands of experienced and renowned skipper and specialized Marine Mammal Guide Danie OR Berno Phillipson, you will be taken through the waves doing a direct beach surf launch to see the gigantic HUMPBACK WHALE.

THE WHALES migrate past this stretch of coastline between the months of mid May to mid December annually , to calf and breed in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean , moving as far as Mozambique and Madagascar before making the journey back to the Antarctic .
You may be fortunate to witness a 40ton acrobatic HUMPBACK WHALE breaching a mere 50 meters away from the boat !!!!

You may also see a variety of pelagic bird life, dolphin frolicking alongside the bow of the boat, sea turtles in season, shark, marlin,whale shark and other interesting marine mammals and cetacean – these sighting is a bonus – we will not necessarily see this on each tour – but we GUARANTEE between the 1st of JUNE and END of NOV you WILL see a HUMPBACK whale, if you do NOT the 40% refund will count -

We need about 3 hours of your time, of which the actual tour duration is approximately 2 hours ON the ocean, and then 30 minutes on either side to get you to-and- from the launch site on-board the Whale Train transport vehicle to the beach -
This in itself is an adventure, as you meet at a central booking office, from where you will be taken to the launch site with a 4 × 4 truck or the Whale Train transport vehicle to the beach -
From experience over 18 years it is GENERALLY better to launch EARLY in the morning, as later in the day the winds starts picking up and then we have to cancel tours on the ocean and we sit with unhappy clientele – so please DO understand why we will most of the time as you to go out early morning – we do sometimes have a WHOLE day of awesome weather where we CAN continue doing tours until 17h00’ish in the afternoon, but we generally like to launch around 07h00, 09h00 and 11h00 daily – as summer starts we already like to launch at 06h00 or 06h30 –


Duration2 hours
When1 June to 30 November is Humpback whale watching season
Where1 McKenzie Street, St Lucia, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa - the very FIRST office on the RIGHT after you have crossed the bridge into St Lucia, NEXT to PEP stores, CORNER of DOLPHIN supermarket
WeatherThis service is weather dependent. If the seas are rough, the trip will be postponed or client will receive full refund. WE have respect for rough seas, and clients lives, if it is too rough we will cancel the trip, respect us for making that decision -
What to Wearcomfortable though warm clothing - bring an extra set of dry clothes - make sure your backpack is not too huge - we cannot allow 10 huge backpacks on board
Things to BringAn extra warm jacket , although we issue life jackets and raincoats always dress in warm comfortable quick drying clothes , bring along a towel , bottle of water , packet of biscuits , seasick tablet if need be , rubber / plastic shoes that you won't mind walking into the sea with, and a set of dry clothes - !!!!!!!!!!
Guests or SpectatorsSt Lucia has several accommodation options to offer and places to visit i.e. the beautiful Cape Vidal, Isimangaliso Wetland Park and there are lovely restaurants to dine at in St Lucia.


Minimum Age12 years
Minimum Height4.0 m
Maximum Height0.0 m
Fitness LevelAverage
QualificationsNot Applicable
Maximum Weight0.0 kg
CertificationNone Required
Experience LevelBeginner

Inclusions and Exclusions


Boat Cruise
Qualified SAMSA skipper and guide


If you SLEEP OVER in St Lucia Town, and you get booked on the RICHARDSBAY boat, WE will transport you there and give you refreshments, and this is included in the rate


we need you to report at our office 30minutes PRIOR to the time written on your ticket, or the time shown on your online booking invoice – if your booking is for 7h00, you have to be at the meeting point at 6h30 for example – !!!!!!! ☺☺ please , this is very important – Most tours are weather permitting and can be cancelled at the last minute by the skipper if he/she decides there is a safety factor at risk. If the operator cancels the tour due to unpleasant/unsafe weather conditions, you will be given a full refund. We hate cancellations, as it upsets you and us, but please remember it is safety first -

IF, in case of bad weather your trips gets cancelled, and we need to refund you ,please present yourself at our office with the credit card that was used to make the booking.

Most tours have a minimum number of passengers before it is viable to go out to sea, please ask about this in good time.

Advantage Cruiser CC d its skippers, staff and guides will not accept any responsibility for any deaths, injury, or illness sustained or suffered by any person, or theft, loss or damage to any person or property whatsoever occurring within or from the use of the charterers vessels, vehicles or part thereof.

Customer Reviews

Could not experience the whale watching as on both occasions the trip was cancelled due to bad weather. - Ajay Patel

it was a great trip even though the sea was rough and i was a bit ill onboard! Very dramatic entry onto the sea from the beach which was almost as enjoyable as the whale sitings! The capitain /guide was very knowledgble as you might expect I booked before i left home and the confirmation stated, quite clearly, that i should turn up at their offices next to the Dolphin supermarket at number 1 Mackenzie Street. I do not like being late so was there for 5.15 am and waited for 20 minutes before walking as fast as i could (on a sore foot) to their other office next to Ocean Basket which was the correct meetinh point. I did mention this to member of staff but apparently it was my fault . I was not the only guest who went to the wrong office . Please sort out the wording on your confirmation. - Andrew McCall-Smith

This was an awesome experience! We had a pretty rough ride, but our captain was amazing and super-capable. We saw dolphins and humpback whales and had a fantastic time! - Veronique AdlP

Een belevenis om nooit meer te vergeten! Zagen walvissen en dolfijnen vlakbij de boot. Deskundige schipper die ook veel wist te vertellen. Wanneer je in de gelegenheid bent, doen! Tip: neem een reistabletje voor je de boot op gaat ;-) - mario Vogt

We enjoyed very much the Hippo and Croc Cruise and the Whale Watching the following day. I was particularly impressed by the knowledge of your whale watching experts. I would have no hesitation in recommending Advantage to clients in the future. - Clare Mortimer

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